May 20, 2003
Kiev 60 6x6 MLU GTG LOL

I just found a cool 6x6 camera in a 35mm body from this place :::KIEVCAMERA::: (colons theirs).

A full Kiev 60 kit is only $349--pretty good price. That includes stuff like 2 finders (waist level and prism) and a lens cap!*

The only problem is that they only seem to offer it in black/chrome finish, wheras the original manufacturer offers a bit more

Ahh. pythonkamera.

* close associates may recall my outrage at my Mamiya kit lacking a lenscap.

Posted by illovich at 11:40 AM
May 15, 2003
why finish my own?

I just stumbled on a website for this place The Darkroom Studios...yikes!

Color Darkroom rentals just $7.50/hour--all chemistry included-woot. In New Jersey, about 15 minutes outside of Philly.

Yeee hah, I guess.

Posted by illovich at 12:18 PM
May 11, 2003
stupid browsers in san francisco

I just wrote a page about San Francisco and then closed the window without saving. I blame the browsers. They really should see a filled in form as a document that needs to be "saved" (submitted) before the window closes. How many times have I reflexively hit cmd-w to get to a backgrounded app and lost what I was working on in a browser window? I have no idea, but it's enough that I hate myself a little now everytime I do it and call myself mean names like idiot.

Anyway, at least you can still see the touristy pictures from our trip if you care.

I really like San Francisco. I also really liked my entry that has been blown into the ether.

Posted by illovich at 01:22 PM