April 19, 2003
Apple to release Acid for Mac

No, not really.

But I just noticed that part of Final Cut 4 is an app/feature (I'm not sure which) called Soundtrack.

A heavily edited feature list:

  • Combine and arrange audio loops and sound effects to create original, royalty-free music soundtracks.

  • Create music using a starter library with several thousand royalty-free instrument loops and sound effects.

  • Combine and match loops of different tempos and musical keys in real-time — Soundtrack does it for you automatically, so you don't need to have a background in music.

  • Import AIFF, WAV, and ACID format audio files, and get access to hundreds of third-party, multi-genre, royalty-free loop CDs.
Sounds like Acid to me. It even looks like Acid, sort of.

I hope Apple realizes what they have and considers releasing it standalone (perhaps sans-video features) in the $99-250 price range.

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