March 27, 2005
Moogies Bloogies

From Delia Derbyshire Recordings:

"He came to my little one room flat above a flower shop ... He was thrilled to bits with it! He said, and I felt quite insulted at the time... 'I'll soon get you out of this little place.'"

Delia on Anthony Newley (MP3)
An unreleased perv-pop classic in the 1966 novelty vein, recorded with Anthony Newley. The future Mr Joan Collins was after an electronic backing track and called in Delia (he wasn't alone - Paul McCartney considered using Delia's electronic backing for Yesterday before using a string quartet). Delia said of this track: "I'd written this beautiful little innocent tune, all sensitive love and innocence, and he made it into a dirty old raincoat song. But he was really chuffed!" Sadly Newley decamped to Hollywood before he could progress beyond this demo recording. Delia was initially disappointed with the recording, but as the years passed she became exceptionally fond of it, and insisted it was featured on this site.

Moogies Bloogies: MP3

A very strange song, but I really really like it. Anthony Newley indeed.

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