November 21, 2002
word to abe krieger

Wow, the month is not up but it looks like the inscrutible Abe Krieger has replaced "sexy ann coulter" as my zeitgeist topic. 'gywo' is getting a respectable number of click-throughs as well, but man it seems like everybody is looking for Abe Krieger. I hope they don't think I was too mean in my response to his letter to the Daily News, but hey... he called me a loser (by proxy).

#req: search term
---53: abe krieger
---23: webdav apache
---18: gywo
----8: ann coulter
----5: sexy ann coulter
----4: photographist
----4: ann coulter sexy
----4: q330904
----3: leggos
----2: funny logs
----2: teh suck
----2: ann coulter sucks
----2: perl cocoa
----2: daylin leech
----2: dialog between peter and uncle ben*
----2: foofy
----1: zentner 2002 email addresses
----1: project builder javac cocoa
----1: messenger service spam winxp
----1: momoko kikuchi
---65: [not listed: 65 search terms]

* For regular readers, I actually did this web search and realized that this is a search for something related to the Spiderman movie, and not some lesser known folktale about the first pope and a corporate logo having a conversation.

Posted by illovich at November 21, 2002 01:54 PM
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