January 20, 2005
now that's a dream machine.

Ever since reading RE/Search #4/5
as a child, I've been curious about the Dreamachine. Over time, it began to sound more like drug mythology ("dude... there's a machine, and you look at it for a few minutes and you start dreaming while you're awake! It's like tripping for free! And it's toooootally legal!") than something that actually existed.

Well I guess, to be fair, I really thought of it as wish fulfillment via drugs, i.e. that Gyson et. al. wanted a Dream Machine, and because they were so high on various drugs, they thought they had one.

Wow, that sounded very fair, didn't it?

Anyway, to my surprise the dream machine has been gaining a lot of attention lately, including a mention in the [cough sputter] New York Times.

Apparently, the dream machine is regaining popularity. There's even a guy selling 'em for $500-3,000. But you can make them for around $10, if you have a record player.

In case I ever want to build my own, I could.

Posted by illovich at January 20, 2005 06:03 PM